Robin Hood Plantation (Rowde)

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Coordinate 51.372044, -1.996331
Adm. div. Wiltshire
Vicinity c. 425 m N of Conscience Lane, Rowde
Type Natural feature
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Extant
First Record 1924
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Robin Hood Plantation.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-11-22. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.

'Robin Hood Plantation' is the name of a small wooded area situated c. 425 m north of Conscience Lane, Rowde, Devizes. It is included on 6" O.S. maps of the area published 1924–1938.[1] The place-name, which is still in use,[2] must have been inspired by that of Robin Hood Cottage which appears towards the north end of the wooded area on 6" and 25" maps of the area published 1886–1901. There no longer appears to be any trace of this cottage.




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  1. See Maps section on this page.
  2. See Geograph: SU0063: Robin Hood Plantation.

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