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Robin Hood Close (Giggleswick)

Coordinate 54.094051, -2.282371
Adm. div. West Riding of Yorkshire
Vicinity c. 1 km NNE of Stackhouse, between the Ribble and Stainforth Lane
Type Area
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Defunct?
First Record 1844
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Robin Hood Close aka Robin Hood's Pasture.
The sheep are grazing in Robin Hood Close aka Robin Hood's Pasture / Google Earth Street View.
The most southerly red dot indicates Robin Hood Close. That to the left above indicates the possible, that to the right the probable, location of Robin Hood's Mill / Google Earth.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-08-27. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-04-05.

'Robin Hood's Close' was or is the name of a pasture located between the Ribble to the east and Stainforth Lane to the west, c. 1 km NNE of Stackhouse, a vicnity formerly part of the West Riding of Yorkshire but now administratively belonging to North York­shire. The locality is listed in an 1843-45 tithe award as 'Robin Hood Close', its owner a Rosetta Anne Carr, its occupier a Robert Atkinson, its state of cultivation pasture, and its area 5 acres and 39 perches (21220.7 m2).[1] The locality is included, as 'Robin Hood's Pasture', on the 1851 O.S. 6" map of the area, which also has Robin Hood's Mill immediately north or northwest of it. However, the pasture/close is not indicated on the 6" O.S. maps of 1896 and 1910 (see Maps section below).



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