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Robin Hood (Leather Lane, Holborn)

Coordinates 51.519444444444, -0.10916666666667
Adm. div. Middlesex, now Greater London
Vicinity c. 180 m E. of Grays Inn Road
Type Public house
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Defunct
First Record 1767
A.k.a. Robin Hood and Little John
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Robin Hood (Leather Lane, Holborn).
9-15 Leather Lane. The site of the Robin Hood / Google Earth Street View.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-01-21. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-05-08.

The Robin Hood or Robin Hood and Little John in Leather Lane existed from at least 1767 to 1910. The street number has varied. First the pub was at No. 8, then 9 and by 1895 No. 10 Leather Lane, but it is not clear if the pub in fact moved or the changes in street number had other reasons.[1] Information on publicans gleaned from trade directories etc. from the period 1767–1910 can be found at UK Pub History (see Sources section below).


1767 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey (4)

[19 Sep. 1767:]
[...] Thomas Bird was indicted for stealing a sattin cardinal, value 20 s. the property of Mary Kirby, widow, Aug. 6.

Mary Kirby. I live at the Robinhood, Leather-lane; I lost a sattin cardinal out of the parlour; I did not miss it till the 7th of August; the prisoner was in the house on the 6th in the morning, but I did not see him; he was taken up the same day three doors from us, upon suspicion of robbing a room at Dobney's; I missing my cardinal, and knowing the prisoner had been before Justice Girdler, and a cardinal had been brought there, and no body owned it, I went to the pawnbroker, named Careless, in Fox-court; there I found my cardinal in pawn.

William Cullen. I am servant to Mr. Careless in Fox-court; the prisoner pledged a cardinal with me on the 6th of August, in his own name for 7 s. about seven in the morning; (produced and deposed to by prosecutrix.)

John Woolse. I keep the Robinhood in Leather-lane; the prisoner came to my house between six and seven in the morning of the 6th of August, along with two more; they called for some bread and cheese and beer; I heard the prisoner own, before the Justice, the cardinal was taken before the second pot was drawn, but did not say he took it.

Prisoner's defence.

I had been out, and coming back, I met two men, one had a bundle; they wanted to get some beer; I took them in at Mr. Woolfe's; we had some beer: I went home, which is but two doors off; when I came to them again, the beer was almost cut; one of them beckoned me to the door, and asked me if any pawnbroker was up; I told him yes; I took him into Fox-court, Gray's inn-lane; there he asked me to go and pledge either a cardinal or a gown; I took the cardinal, and pledged it for 7 s. and gave him the money; he went back and paid the reckoning, which came to 1 s. and a halfpenny.

Woolfe. The prisoner went out three times, but they did not all depart the house till the reckoning was paid; one of the others went out once.

Martha Pain. He lodged at the Gridiron, Gray's inn-lane, four years and a half, where I am servant; he always behaved himself very well there.

Guilty. T.[2]




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