Robin Hood's Wood (Helsington)

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Coordinate 54.2902, -2.7525
Adm. div. Westmorland
Vicinity In River Kent; about equidistant from Helsington, Natland, and Sedgwick; midway between Low Park Wood and Hawes Wood
Type Natural feature
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Extant?
First Record 1851-63
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Robin Hood's Island.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-08-17. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-05.

Robin Hood's Wood is a small wood by the bank of River Kent at a point approximately equidistant from Helsington, Natland, and Sedgwick, midway between Low Park Wood and Hawes Wood. In the middle of River Kent, a few meters NW of Robin Hood's Wood is Robin Hood's Island, a small wooded rock, and c. 375 m SSW is located Robin Hood's Well. The source cited by Dobson & Taylor is "the 1857 Ordnance Survey map" of Westmorland, presumably a 1" map.[1] However, the locality is also indicated on a 6" O.S. map that may be a few years older, Lancashire IX, published 1851-63, but based on surveying carried out 1847-58 (see Maps section below). A small island in a river may have appealed to a child's imagination, and perhaps these three localities were named by children playing in this area?



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