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Robin Hood's Well (Helmshore)

Coordinate 53.671858, -2.336613
Adm. div. Lancashire
Vicinity On Moor Road, c. 2 km S of Helmshore, c. 2 km N of Stubbins
Type Natural feature
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Extant
First Record 1850
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Robin Hood's Well.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-10-16. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-05-31.

This well is situated on Moor Road about midway between Helmshore and Stubbins. John Crawshaw has recently described it as follows:

The spring issues out from beneath a large, worn stone capping: shaped rather like a flattened pyramid with a blunt apex. This is set against a dry-stone wall by the side of Stake Lane. The water falls from the well-head into a small pool and the whole arrangement of stones has the appearance of great age.
     The flattened-pyramid-shaped piece of sandstone covering the well has several worn, carved indentations upon it, one of which, near the left-hand side at the front is a wide groove. It is possible that this was made by the wearing down of the stone by a chain securing a drinking cup at its end. However, no trace of any chain or cup can now be discerned.[1]

'Stake Lane' is or was the local name for a stretch of Moor Road.[2] The well is indicated on the 1850 6" O.S. map of the area, based on a survey carried out 1844-47. It is found on all subsequent 6" O.S. map of the area avilable at NLS.[3]


1893 - Elliot, W Hume - Country and Church of Cheeryble Brothers

A few yards down Stake Lane is Robin Hood's Well, with an ancient well-hewn coping-stone over it of ample dimensions.[4]





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