Ritson, Joseph 1885a

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Ritson, Joseph, ed.; [Frank, Joseph], ed. Robin Hood: a Collection of all the Ancient Poems, Songs, and Ballads, now Extant, Relative to that Celebrated English Outlaw, to which are prefixed Historical Anecdotes of his Life. London: John C. Nimmo, 1885. xii, cxviii, 400 pp. 23 cm. Half parchment. 'With eighty wood engravings by Thomas Bewick [...] also nine etchings from original paintings by A.H. Tourrier and E. Buckman'. Illustrators: Thomas Bewick (1753-1828); Alfred Holst Tourrier (1836-1892); Edwin Buckman (1841-1930).

The eighty wood engravings reproduced from the first ed., printed on Japan paper and mounted. Gable: 'Three hundred copies of this book printed for England, and two hundred, with an American imprint for sale in that country'. 'This edition [...] is printed from that published in 1832, which was carefully edited and printed from Mr. Ritson's own annotated edition of 1795'. This edition referred to as the small paper edition. See next entry.


  • British Library: BL: 2292.h.9. (is this or next entry.)
  • Gable Collection, Cleveland Public Library (as of 1935). Gable Collection copy is No. 108.

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