Ritson, Joseph 1853b

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Ritson, Joseph, ed. Robin Hood: a Collection of Poems, Songs, and Ballads Relative to that celebrated English Outlaw / edited by Joseph Ritson (Universal Library, Poetry, vol. 2). [London]: [Ingram, Cooke & Co.], [1853]. [iv], 112 pp. 8°. Frontis.

Series title and number on cover. Gable queries: 'Issued by R. Griffin & Co.?'. BL catalogue brackets the entire title; apparently the actual title is the cover title cited by Gable. This is a variant of: Ritson, Joseph 1853a.


  • British Library; 12204.e.5/24.
  • Library of Congress; card No. LC 12-38048
  • Nottingham Public Libraries' Robin Hood collection (as of 1935).

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