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Rastell, John 1520a

[Rastell, John.] A new iuterlude [sic] and a mery of the nature of the .iiii. element declarynge many proper poynt of phylosophy naturall, and of dyuers straunge landys, and of dyuers straunge effects [and] causis, whiche interlude yf ye hole matter be playd wyl conteyne the space of an hour and a halfe, but yf le lyst ye may leue out muche of the sad mater as the messengers p[ar]te, and some of experyens p[ar]te [and] yet the matter wyl depend conuenyently, and than it wyll not be paste thre quarters of an hour of length. [London]: [J. Rastell], [1520?]. Sigs. A-C⁸ E⁸. Music. 8⁰.


  • BL. Unique copy, imperfect.

Bibliographical sources

  • ESTC. (STC (2nd ed.), 20722)


Later editions/printings