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Prioresses of Kirklees

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-09-01. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-07-12.

According to the Gest of Robyn Hode and Robin Hood's Death, a prioress of Kirklees and her illicit lover were responsible for Robin Hood's death. The prioress is not given a name in either tale, and it is quite uncertain if their authors had a specific historical prioress in mind. Nonetheless I intend to compile a list of prioresses. References will be added as I come across them. However, unless major new discoveries are made the list will remain quite incomplete. Kirklees Priory was dissolved on 24 November 1539.[1]

Prioresses of Kirklees

  • 13th cent. Elizabeth de Staynton; said to be the first prioress.[2]
  • 1306.10.04–?1307.01.14. Margaret de Clayworth.[2]
  • 1307.01.15[2]after 1331.04.05. Alice de Scriven[3]
  • 15th cent. (before Cecilia Hill, next). ?Margaret Seyvill, daughter of Sir John Seyvill.[2]
  • 14??–91. Cecilia Hill or Hiks.[2]
  • 1491–1499 or earlier. Joanna Stansfeld.[4]
  • 1499.04.24–1505.03.09 or earlier. Margaret Tarlton.[4]
  • 1505.03.10–-15??. Margaret Fletcher.[5]
  • 1527.07.09–1538.05.13 or later Cecilia Topcliffe.[6]
  • 1538.05.14 or later–1539.11.24. Joan Kyppes, Keps, Kepax or Kepast. The last prioress of Kirklees.[7]

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