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Persons with names of minor characters (record texts)

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-28. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-07-12.

Below will be found lists of records relating to historical persons with names similar or identical to those of minor characters in the Robin Hood tradition or who otherwise are reminiscent of such minor characters. Records relating to persons named Richard at the Lee or similar are listed on a separate page because that list is potentially a long one. Little John gets a page of his own; he is too important to be considered a minor character.

Much the Miller's son

The following record concerns a person reminiscent of Much the Miller's son:

1242 - Robert Hode kills man at North Petherton

Walter Bragge, Robert Hode, William the little miller (le petit muner), and Margery his wife beat Jordan Heywulf' so that he died. William and Margery fled to the church of Perton' and abjured the realm. William was in the tithing of the Hospital of Perton'. Therefore it is in mercy. His chattels, 3s., for which the sheriff must answer. Walter and Robert have fled. Therefore let them be exacted and outlawed. They were in the same tithing. Therefore it is in mercy. They had no chattels.[1]

Will Scarlet/Scathlock

The following record concerns a person named William Scarlet:

1493 - Lands formerly belonging to William Scarlet

terram quond' Willelmi Scarlet

[IRHB translation:]
the land formerly belonging to William Scarlet[2]

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