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Little John the mariner (links)

{"pagename":"1312 - Safe conduct to John Petit, master of king's ship","alcent":14,"aldecade":1311,"alyear":1312},{"pagename":"1313 - Safe conduct to John Petit, master of king's ship","alcent":14,"aldecade":1311,"alyear":1313},{"pagename":"1315 - John Petit among disobedient mariners","alcent":14,"aldecade":1311,"alyear":1315},{"pagename":"1315 - John Petit plunders cargo of ship from Dinant","alcent":14,"aldecade":1311,"alyear":1315},{"pagename":"1316 - Safe conduct to Little John, master of king's ship","alcent":14,"aldecade":1311,"alyear":1316},{"pagename":"1316 - Writ of aid to John le Petit, master of king's ship","alcent":14,"aldecade":1311,"alyear":1316},{"pagename":"1317 - John Petit's ship driven ashore and looted","alcent":14,"aldecade":1311,"alyear":1317},{"pagename":"1323 - John le Little confiscates ship at Newcastle-on-Tyne","alcent":14,"aldecade":1321,"alyear":1323},{"pagename":"1324 - John Petit, master of king's ship","alcent":14,"aldecade":1321,"alyear":1324},{"pagename":"1325 - John le Luttle to be arrested","alcent":14,"aldecade":1321,"alyear":1325},{"pagename":"1325 - Mariner John Petit released from the Tower","alcent":14,"aldecade":1321,"alyear":1325},

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-03-08. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-25.

On this page are found records relating to the Little John who was in royal employ as a mariner during much of the reign of Edward II. That the records listed below all refer to one and the same Little John is quite clear from the following table of facts and associations:

Associated with
1312 Richard atte Wose
1313 William le Fisshere
1315-07-22 Richard atte Wase; William le Fisshere; John Mot; Thomas Springot
1315-10-08 (✓)[1] Richard de la Woses; William le Fissher; John Mot; Richard Golde
1316-07-21 Richard Golde, Roger Catur
1316-09-24 Richard Golde; Thomas Sprynget; Roger Catour
1317 (?)[2]
1323 (✓)[3] Roger Catour; Cokkus atte Wose
1325-05-27 Richard atte Wose; Roger le Catour
1325-12-31 (✓)[1] Catour, mariner; Cok' atte Wose, mariner

Six of the records refer to Little John as master of one of the king's ships; two refer to him as a mariner. On the two occasions when he allegedly participates in acts of piracy or privateering, he acts in association with fellow ship's masters and sailors of the royal fleet. The home port of the royal vessels is Westminster according to the records of 1312, 1313, 1316 (both), 1317 and 1324. In the record dated 22 July 1315, our intrepid mariner is referred to as "John Petit of Westminster".

Records relating to Mariner John Little

The following 11 records are found for the period John Little, master of the king's ship:

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