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Fabyan, Robert 1542a

Fabyan, Robert. The chronicle of Fabyan, whiche he hym selfe nameth the concordaunce of historyes, nowe newely printed, [and] in many places corrected, as to the dylygent reader it may apere. 1542. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. [London]: Printed by [R. Grafton for] William Bonham dwellyng at ye sygne of the kyng his armes in Paules churcheyarde, [1542]. Signatures: A⁶ B⁴ a-x⁶ y⁸ z⁶ ²A-E⁶, *⁶ 2a-2z⁶ 3A-3S⁶.


Later editions/printings