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Criminals surnamed Robinhood (record texts)

{"pagename":"1361 - Walter Robhood of Walsham le Willows","alcent":14,"aldecade":1361,"alyear":1361},

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-09-16. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-01.

The items listed below concern (alleged) criminals surnamed Robinhood (Robhood, Robehod, Hobbehod etc.) In due course, it is hoped, the list will include all known records.

Records relating to criminals surnamed Robinhood

The following record concerns criminal Robinhoods:

1361 - Walter Robhood of Walsham le Willows

[19 Oct. 1361:]
Ordered to attach by [their] bodies Walter Robhood, William Osbern, Henry
Osbern, John Rampolye, John Clevehog, Nicholas Clevehog and William
Clevehog the sons of John Clevehog, villeins of the lord, who are fugitives.[1]

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