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Braithwaite, Richard 1876b

Braithwaite, Richard. Barnabæ Itinerarium or Barnabee's Journal By Richard Brathwait A.M. With a Life of the Author, a Bibliographical Introduction to the Itinerary and a Catalogue of his Works. Edited from the First Edition by Joseph Haslewood [...] A New Critical Edition Carefully Revised. By W. Carew Hazlitt. London: Reeves and Turner, 1876. vi, 197; [unpag.] pp. 2 vols. Illus. (frontis.) Large paper, two-volume edition, printed for subscribers.

Parallel Latin and English texts on facing pages. Vol. 1 contains biography and a bibliography of Brathwaite. Vol. 2 contains the text, based as exactly as possible on Haslewood's 1820 edition.