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Anonymous 19xxv

Part 1 / Private collection.
[s.n.], [Untitled photos of Hathersage scenes]. [s.l.]: [s.n.], [s.d.]. Photo­graphic post­card (monochrome) 87 x 413 mm.

Board strip folded in three. On front, 3 monochrome photos printed on each of the three parts. Dorse blank. Photos 1-6, 8 have title in black near top; photos. 7, 9 title in white near bottom; all:, "Copyright" bottom left; series number bottom right, as follows (top to bottom of strip):

  • The River and Bridge, Hathersage. Hsg. 2
  • View from Sheffield Road, Hathersage. Hsg. 10
  • Near Toad Mouth Rock, Hathersage. Hsg. 14
  • Millstone Inn, Hathersage. Hsg. 15
  • Surprise Corner, Hathersage. Hsg 19
  • Toad Mouth Rock, Hathersage. Hsg. 20
  • The Stepping Stones, Hathersage. Hsg. 28
  • Millstone Bridge and Village, Hathersage. Hsg. 36
  • Little John's Grave, Hathersage. Hsg. 8.


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