1598 - Muster of Gilsland

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Date 1598
Topic Robin Hood's Butt [Askerton]
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Robin Hood's Butt.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-01-28. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[5 Sep. 1598:]
   Muster taken at Brampton, 5 September, 40 Elizabeth, before John
    Musgrave land sergeant of Gillesland.
   Comwhitton—Horses sufficient 9, insufficient 6, absent 2; nags sufficient 6, insufficient 3, absent 1; footmen 17; the Soots' spoils there 200l. and above.
Hayton—Not mustered "for the infection." The Scots' spoils there, 600l. and above.
Cumrewe—Sufficient 4, not sufficient 27; footmen 8; all spoiled by the Scots.
Castle Carrock—None appeared. Likewise spoiled.
Talkyn—Sufficient 8, not sufficient 4; footmen 8. "Spoyled."
Denton—Sufficient 5, not sufficient 30; footmen, 1. "Spoyled."
Over Denton—Sufficient 2, not sufficient 16; footmen 5. Spoiled.
Brampton—Sufficient horse 6, not sufficient 17; nags, sufficient 6, not sufficient 20; footmen 10.
Irthington—Sufficient 2, not sufficient 26; footmen 16.
Lyversdale—"None appeared. Spoiled and burned by the Scottes." [p. 558:]
Askerton—"Richard Grame als Langtowne, came not. All the rest of the tenantes are heryed and gone."
Leasehill—Sufficient 3, not sufficient 7.
Collingbancke—"Thre tenantes there all wayst."
Bowthrelbancke—"The tenantes there have never one horse."
Dallerlyne—"Never one horse there."
Fawcett Lease—"Fower tenantes neither horse nor other thinge."
Kirbeck Moore—"Fyve tenantes all wayst."
Jobs Clewghe—"All wayst," Jenkyn Foster, Alexander and Isabell Foster, " wayst."
Florihurst—Christofer Foster, sufficient, Arche Foster, not sufficient.
Allergarth—"All wayst."
Oxclose—"All wayst."
Chrakropp—"Three tenantes, sufficient."
Goeman Forde, Darman Steade, Bulman Stead, Sowter Moore, Harper-Hill, and Luckens—All Waste.
Spayd Adam—Footmen 8.
Walton—Sufficient 4, not sufficient 4; footmen 4.
Tryermayne—Sufficient 3, not sufficient 32; footmen 5.
Farlam—Sufficient 7, not sufficient 12; footmen 7.
 On this view there were not 5 horses found worth 5l. a piece.
 The Carletons have all the Queen's houses of strength in Gilsland in their hands and placed divers Scots in them. Thomas Carleton has Askerton house, demeane and mill; Tryermayne house and demeane, and mill called the Hole mill, Farlam hall and demeane; Templegarth house and half of the low forest, the Leyes hill, certain tenements called the Quarrell, three tenements at Lannerton and other mills "which I cannot nowe name." Lancellott Carleton has Naworth castle demeane and parke, Brampton foot hall, Brampton park, Brigwood park and the demeane of Brampton; the Tarne house and half of the forest; Netherton honse and mill, Denton hall and mill, "besydes dyvers percells of poore mens groundes, which he haith layd to them."
 These are the several fees of the land sergeant ship of Gilsland, as may appear to your honor by the bailiffs' certificate.—The house demeane and mill of Askerton with appurtenances; one place called "Walton wood: another place called Clonsgilholme, of the rent of 17s. 8d.; 10 days' work of "medowe" called "Robin Hood buttes" within the forest. The appointing of the bailiff of Askerton and a farme hold thereto belonging; 20 nobles' fee, with certain oats, and fee called "Foster fee." Also felon's goods happening within the office.[1]

Source notes

The above reproduces in toto item No. 990, "Muster of Gilsland", from the Calendar of Border Papers. IRHB's brackets. Allcaps, italics and indentation as in printed source. Data appended to the record in the calendar: '"1 p. Double broad sheet. Indorsed by Cecil's clerk: "1598 v. September. The muster of Gilsland by the land sergeant John Musgrave."'.[2] "Cecil" is Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury.[3]

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