1500 - Disturbance near Robin Hood's Well (Nottingham)

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Date 20 July 1500
Topic Robin Hood's Well (Nottingham)
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St Ann's Well, formerly known as Robin Hood's Well.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-10-10. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[20 July 1500:]
3Et dicunt, quod Robertus Wyly, de Sneynton, in Comitatu Notingham', husbondman'. aggregatis ei diversis aliis ignotis ad numerum sexdecim personarum modo guerrino arraiatis, vicesimo quarto die Aprilis, anno regni Regis [Henrici quinto] decimo,4 vi et armis, videlicet, baculis et cultellis, vangis et tribulis ac aliis armis defencivis, solum commune Majoris et Burgensium villae Notingham' in tenura Johannis S[elyok] apud Notingham praedictam, juxta Robynhode Well'. injuste fregit, effodit et subvertit, in grave detrementum dictorum Majoris et Burgensium villae praedictae ac dicti Johannis Selyok, et contra pacem dicti Domini Regis, etc. 9 d., ro. 3.

[Translation in printed source:]
3And they say that Robert Wyly, of Sneinton, in the County of Nottingham, husbandman, having gathered to himself divers other unknown men to the number of sixteen persons arrayed in warlike manner, on the twenty-fourth day of April, in the fifteenth year of the reign of King Henry,4 with force and arms, to wit, with clubs and knives, spades and shovels and other defensive arms, unjustly broke, dug up and turned up the common soil of the Mayor and Burgesses of the town of Nottingham in the holding of John Seliok at Nottingham aforesaid, near Robynhode Well, to the grievous detriment of the said Mayor and Burgesses of the town aforesaid and of the said John Seliok, and against the peace of our said Lord the King, etc. 9 d., ro. 3.[1]

Source notes

Italics and brackets in quotation as in printed source.

Source notes

Italics as in printed source, except in brackets. IRHB's brackets. Note 1: "Blank in MS." The editor notes, vol. III, p. 475, s.n. Robin Hood's Close: "This was near S. Ann's Well, formerly known as Robin Hood's Well." Note 3: "The jury from the western side of the town." Note 4: "Friday, April 24, 1500." The above passages occur in the printed source under the heading "Selections from the Presentments at the Sessions."



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