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1374 - Robert Hood of Middlesex

Date 1374
Topic Robert Hood one of many to be arrested in Middlesex.
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-16. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-04-27.


[26 July 1374:]
Commission to John Boterwyk, sheriff of Middlesex, David de Berdevill, Henry Traynel, John de Salesbury and John Bysouth, seqeants-at-mace, to arrest Robert Cavendyssh, John Hidigham, Thomas Branton, John Wespray, Simon Bereford, John Morewell, Richard Norhampton, John Peyk, Richard Ivy, Walter Guldeford, Robert Spelyng, John Halys, William Michel, John Hamstede, John Faucon, John Taryn, Thomas Fakenam, Robert Anton, John Grandon, William Bysude, William Ledys, Gilbert Forester, Thomas Pope, John Brokelee, John Walche, John Stalbrigge, John Orby, John West, John Kent, Benedict Wade, William Barton, John Woleward, Nicholas Kembere, William Catisby, Robert Aston, [p. 490:] Robert Nely, Simon Bucell, Henry Biriount, John Lane, Walter Wynchestre, Nicholas Nettilham, John Sharp, John Wolwirton, John Brandon, John Someri, John Lilie, Nicholas Neubolt, Roger Lucas, Simon Vinur, Richard Fitekyn, Richard Poche, John Topclif, John Stirbourne, William Walys, Richard Couke, Robert Duram, Thomas Strode, John Stekis, John Frend, Stephen Goldfynch, William Ocle, John atte Parke, John Salusbiri, Richard Shirboume, William Witby, William Schambir, Walter West, John Wodestoke, Walter Lucas, William Alret, John Fulbourne, John Sutfold, Richard Dancastre, John Honcler, John Clifford, Richard Baker, John Soutyng, Thomas Hamme, John Grenehell, Richard Sutton, Hugh Cursun, Thomas Langston, William Martlesham, John Wytbred, John Ermyn, John Helmele, Henry Juwet, John Kitteson, John Catour, Robert Hare, John Bynle, Martin Zonge, William Gillot, John Dobbys, Richard Little, John Lile, Richard Frere, Roger Kendale, John Freman, Robert Bladys, Robert Hedon, Reynold Man, Richard Bakere, William Cook, John atte Wode, John Causere, William Berkyng, Henry Cok, Thomas Croft, John Cristemasse, Richard Gerard, John Dodele, John Elene, John Herewell, John Dod, Ivo Serle, John Spencer, Richard Fuller, Robert Sewet, John Goudwyn, Thomas Fischere, John Froisel, Nicholas Cruce, Alexander Stephan, William Haunsel, John Cook, Thomas Skynnere, Thomas Prince, Simon Bakere, Hugh Toky, William Walter, William Leverik, John Poddyng, John Smyth, John Tredegold, John Brice, William Raulyn, 'page,' John Passelewe, John Bylet, John Coggere, Edmund Vyncent, Thomas Sneyth, Simon Hasse, Richard Thomme, John Sharp, Stephen Beneyt, John Belde, John Walyngton, John Barker, William Somer, William Bussh, John Hert, Benedict Neweland, Ellis Rekeman, William Flemyng, John Lambyn, William Catour, 'page,' Thomas Shippeman, 'page,' Thomas Staleworthyn, John Do, John Thomme, Thomas Salman, Robert Hood, Ralph Smyth, Geoffrey Perers, John Cheseman, 'page,' John More, John Berne, John Bode, John Bondys, Roger Zongwyne, Thomas Rolf, John Gaskwyn, Alan Coggare, John Stefnhache, Robert Barri, Nicholas Taillour, William Hudde, John Mois, Thomas Adam, Richard Pirye, 'archer,' Nicholas Dole, John Symond, ‘archer,’ John Furmyton, John Herdyng, John Jacmyn, 'archer,' Philip Yle, 'archer,' John Kencot, Philip Sampton, 'archer,' John Frere, Richard Byx, Henry Norkyn, John Reynold, 'archer,' John Edwyne, Ralph Denys, William Shepherd, John Sellay, John Pipere, William Sneyere, William Moys, 'archer,' John Wytle, 'archer,' Richard Souter, 'archer,' Thomas Bor, John Andreu, John Lenne, Thomas Surl, John Knetthere, Gilbert Hesne, John Cherryngherst, Nicholas Boydyn, John Boydyn, Thomas Page, Laurence Justice, John Zonge, Walter Zonge, Henry Tybbe, John Grene, John North, John Cornyssh, John Gallewere, Andrew Yasterlyng, Andrew Smert, John Person, Gilbert Trumplour, John Spriner, Thomas Alwyk, John Yol, Thomas Yol, John Wyther, John Malle, Thomas Brokman, John Colyn, John Sende, Simon Londyn, Robert Soleys, John Prison, John Arnold, William Huglot, William Spisour, Alexander Cook, John Aleyn, Thomas Elys, John Ecchere, John Short, John Corey, John Chelf, John Crippe, 'page,' John Soylard, 'page,' Thomas Iryssh, Andrew Mersey, Pernelt Laurence, Thomas Meynard, John de Baylle, Peter Gerard and William Richard, 'page,' and to bring [p. 491:] them to London and deliver them to the sheriffs for safe keeping in Neugate gaol until further order for their delivery. By K.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 6d of the Patent Roll for 48 Edward III – Part I. Marginal note: "July 26. Westminster". IRHB's brackets. The entry is followed immediately by "[t]he like commissions" to the constable of Dover Castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, his lieutenant and the sheriff of Kent and to the sheriffs of Southampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Essex, Hertford, Surrey, Sussex, Norfolk, Suffolk etc. The lists of people to be arrested in these cases are not cite in the calendar.

IRHB comments

Note that nine persons on the list of peopel to be arrested are described as archers. Eleven days before receiving this commission, three of the sargeants-at-arms referred to above were tasked with arresting a John Litle.



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