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West Tisted.
{"pagename":"1226 - Robert le Hote witness to charter","Century":13,"Decade":1221,"Year":1226},{"pagename":"1230 - Robert Lohade witness to charter","Century":13,"Decade":1231,"Year":1230},{"pagename":"1235 - Robert Lohod witness to charter","Century":13,"Decade":1231,"Year":1235},{"pagename":"1236 - Robert Lohot","Century":13,"Decade":1231,"Year":1236},{"pagename":"1237 - Robert le Hod","Century":13,"Decade":1231,"Year":1237},{"pagename":"1238 - Robert Lohod (1)","Century":13,"Decade":1231,"Year":1238},{"pagename":"1238 - Robert Lohod (2)","Century":13,"Decade":1231,"Year":1238},{"pagename":"1238 - Robert Lohod (3)","Century":13,"Decade":1231,"Year":1238},{"pagename":"1240 - Sir Robert le Hod witness to charter","Century":13,"Decade":1241,"Year":1240},{"pagename":"1261 - Robert le Hout","Century":13,"Decade":1261,"Year":1261},{"pagename":"1265 - Robert Lood","Century":13,"Decade":1261,"Year":1265},

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-30. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-06-01.

The records show two Robert le Hods resident and/or holding land in the Selborne area. The first, who figures as witness to several charters, had died by December 1236,[1] when Joan, his widow, granted land and an advowson in West Tisted, Hampshire, to the prior and convent of Selborne. The surname is variously given as 'le Hote', 'Lohade', 'Lohod', 'Lohot', 'le Hod', 'le Hout' and (in the latest record, 1265) 'Lood'. It is perhaps natural to think that the Sir Robert le Hod who figures in 1240 was the son of the deceased man whose name appears slightly earlier in so many different spellings, but we cannot be certain of this unless further evidence comes to light. Robert le Hod of 1240 is styled 'Sir' and is explicitly referred to as a knight.

In addition to the charters mentioning Robert le Hod, there are three that mention the lands bequeathed by his widow, "the Lady Joan la Hood" (or similar), without mentioning her former husband by name. These date from 1261, 1284 and [1284-85].[2] Sir Robert le Hod does not appear to have been noted in previous studies.

Records relating to Robert le Hods of West Tisted

11 records concern Robert le Hods of West Tisted: