Hunter, Joseph 1852a

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Hunter, Joseph. The Great Hero of the Ancient Minstrelsy of England, "Robin Hood." His Period, Real Character, etc. investigated and perhaps ascertained by Joseph Hunter (Critical and Historical Tracts, No. 4). London: John Russell Smith, 1852. [1], 62 pp. 19 cm. LC 1-17077.

Title on paper cover: "Mr. Hunter's Critical and Historical Tracts. No. IV. The Ballad-Hero, Robin Hood. "June—1852". Published no later than June 19 cf. Smith, John Russell. 'Now Ready, Part IV., price 2s. 6d., of the Rev. Joseph Hunter's Critical and Historical Tracts', Notes & Queries, Series 1, vol. V (June 19, 1852), p. 599.



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