Festivals in Scotland

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Scottish localities with Robin Hood-related festivals. Click cluster marker for locality markers. Click locality marker for link to page. Historical county boundary coordinates provided by the Historic Counties Trust.


Aberdeen festivals#_bb84c051683b98ebe6f06b5d0fbc48d0¤1508|Aberdeen festivals#_948c346806eadd7ead843796a03ba733¤1517|Aberdeen festivals#_f70ae7e8cbacfa1d52b4a2a93ac58cd5¤1565|Peebles festivals#_a2f8c82f65af58e59dbcb89a38c73910¤1555|Edinburgh festivals#_3bc2e39cd4b86a5b0b435be7cb449511¤1555|

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-01-24. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.



In Scotland, Robin Hood-related entertainments occurred in several festive contexts: at Easter, at Whitsuntide, in May games (in the month of May or later), in summer games and on St Nicholas's Day, December 6.

Counties with evidence of festivals


The list includes gazetteers, lists and calendars of evidence relating to festivals for England in general or for specific historical counties or other similar areas. Also included are lists of allusions to Robin Hood (or subsidiary characters of the tradition) as figures in festivals and folk drama. Sources dealing only with specific localities are found under the localities in question.