1845 - Palmer, Charles Ferrers - History of Tamworth (1)

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Date 1845
Author Palmer, Charles Ferrers Raymund
Title The History of the Town and Castle of Tamworth, in the Counties of Stafford & Warwick
Mentions Robin Hood's Butt (Elford); Robin Hood's Butt (Wigginton)
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Robin Hood's Butt (Elford).

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-10-27. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.


 Nor yet, in conclusion, should we neglect to point out those objects in the neighbourhood worthy of the notice of the antiquary. He too, who loves to dwell on scenes of former days, may visit, within the compass of a few miles, spots whose very names echo the voice of ages fled, and bring remembrance of the past. Not far away still stand the mouldering ruins of the earliest convent in these parts, raised by the great monarch Ecgberht as a habitation for his daughter Editha, whom Modwen taught and Lyne and Osythe led. There are also other cloister shades, the walls now changed to a different use, once the recluses’ dwelling. The high mound still marks the battle field where Saxons fought, and the Mercian king was slain by an usurper, who himself, in his turn, was doomed to fall before the expiration of the year. The tombs where Romans sleep may partly yet be seen, known as the butts of Robin Hood, because, as tradition tells, he often there exercised his skill with his merry company. Many other objects of equal interest still remain around the town, to which we cannot particularly allude in this place.[1]



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