1651 - Court Rolls of Manor of Wakefield

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Date 1651
Topic Robin Hood Street close, near Outwood, Wakefield
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Approximate location of Robin Hood Street Close.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-07-25. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


Robert Scott, lord's tenant, testified that Robert Simpson of East Ardisley on 1 May 1651 surrendered into the lord's hands personally a close of land called Robin Hood Street close with appurtenances near the Outwoodside of Wakefeld then occupied by William Gamble: to the use of Elizabeth Harrison, wife of John Harrison of Stanley, and her assigns for the term of her life at an annual rent of 15s payable to [p. 3:] Robert Simpson or his heirs...at Pentecost and Martinmas by even portions. Should the rent, or any part of it, fall into arrears by 14 days after being due, if lawfully required, Robert Simpson or his heirs...might enter to distrain until the rent and arrears were recovered. Agreed, by customary rents and services: entry fine [blank].[1]

Source notes

Manor of Wakefield court rolls; court held at Wakefield, 3 Oct. 1651. The entry appears under the MS heading of 'Stanley'. Ellipses as in printed source; brackets, except indication of change of page, as in printed source. For the locality mentioned in the entry, see Robin Hood Street Close (Outwood).



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