1615 - Braithwaite, Richard - Strappado for Diuell (3)

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Date 1615
Author Braithwaite, Richard
Title Strappado for the Diuell
Mentions Robin Hood; shoemaker of Bradford; [play of George à Greene?]

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-08-07. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-15.


(But now for Brad-ford I muft hast away).
Brad-ford if I should rightly set it forth,
Stile it I might Banberry of the North,
And well this title with the Towne agrees,
Famous for twanging, Ale, Zeale, Cakes and Cheese:
But why should I set zeale behinde their ale?
Because zeale is for some, but ale for all;
Zealous indeed some are (for I do heare,
Of many zealous sempring sister there)
Who loue their brother, from their heart iffaith.
For it is charity, as scripture saith,
But I am charm'd, God pardon what's amisse,
For what will th' wicked say that heare of this,
How by some euill brethren 't hath been sed,
Th' Brother was found in 's zealous sisters bed?
Vnto thy taske my Muse, and now make knowne,
The iolly shoo-maker of Brad-ford towne,
His gentle-craft so rais'd in former time
By princely Iourney-men his discipline,
"VVhere he was wont with passengers to quaffe,
"But suffer none to carry vp their staffe
Vpon their shoulders, whilst they past through town
For if they did he soon would beat them downe.
(So valiant was the Souter) and from hence,
Twixt Robin-hood and him grew th' difference; [p. 205:]
VVich cause it is by most stage-poets writ,
For breuity, I thought good to omit, [...][1]

IRHB comments

This passage follows immediately after that on Wakefield and its pinder, George a Greene.


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