1366 - John Petit of Dunboyne

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Date 1366
Topic In dispute over inheritance, confederacy which includes a John Petit of Dunboyne ejects heiress and husband from their property
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-08. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[26 Oct. 1366:]
Whereas Henry de Ferrariis and Joan, his wife, have shewn the king that whereas certain discords and debates lately arose between the said Henry and Walter Cusak, 'chivaler,' over the inheritance of the said Joan, and Henry and Walter were arrested by the king’s justices in Ireland and inhibited on the king’s behalf from doing anything against each other except by the law of Ireland, the said Walter and James le Hide, 'chivaler,' Simon son of John Cusak, 'chivaler,' Hugh son of William Petit, Cristallus Petit of Pireston, John Petit of Dunboyn, John Launsayn of Dyvelyn, John Rudipak and others of their confederacy, assuming to themselves the royal power, ejected the said Henry and Joan from Joan's inheritance of the annual value of 600 marks, by armed force, without any process of law, took away goods to the value of 500 marks from the manors and places of the said inheritance, assaulted and wounded the said Henry, and besieged him within his manor of Cluneye until he was rescued by Lionel, duke of Clarence, the king’s lieutenant, and so threaten the said Henry and Joan in life and limb that they dare not stay in those parts to prosecute their rights against the said Walter, to the contempt and prejudice of the king and their grave damage, and to the hurting of the king’s peace and the manifest terror of the king’s people in that part, the king has taken the said Henry and Joan, and their men, servants, lands, rents and possessions into his special protection for one year; directed to the said Lionel, and all other lieges in Ireland. By K.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 20 of the Patent Roll for 40 Edward III - Part II. Marginal note: "Oct. 26. Westminster".

IRHB comments

Note the names "Hugh son of William Petit, Cristallus Petit of Pireston, John Petit of Dunboyn". Perhaps three brothers or two generations were involved in this family feud. Cristallus strikes me as an unusual Christian name in this part of the world.




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