1225 - Willelmus Scarlat of Dieppe

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Date 1225
Topic Willelmus Scarlat and other merchants from Dieppe have license to come to the king's realm to trade.
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Dieppe, France.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-23. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


Pro mercatoribus de Depe. Henricus de Caldecot, Willelmus Spileman, Robertus de Poerevill, Michael od la Buche, Willelmus Scarlat, Duchinus filius Rumaldi, Johannes Miffant, Laurencius Miffant, Thomas frater ejus, Gilebertus Crespin, Gilebertus de Templo et Winebertus filius Godefridi, mercatores de Depe, habent licentiam negotiandi per potestatem regis in forma qua prius habuerunt, hoc excepto, quod ubi dicitur quod 'secure veniant in Angliam' dicitur quod 'secure veniant in potestatem nostram.' Teste rege, apud Westmonasterium, xviij die Aprilis.
 Homines de Depe habent generaliter licentiam in eadem forma. Teste ut supra.

[IRHB translation:]
For merchants from Dieppe. Henry de Caldecot, William Spileman, Robert de Poerevill, Michael od la Buche, William Scarlat, Duchinus son of Rumald, John Miffant, Laurence Miffant, Thomas his brother, Gilbert Crespin, Gilbert de Temple and Winebert son of Godefrid, merchants from Dieppe, have license by the power of the king to trade in his realm in the form they had previously, with this exception that where it says 'come safely to England' it says 'come safely to our realm.' Witness the king, at Westminster, the 18th day of April.
 Men of Dieppe have a general license in the same form. Witness as above.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 5 of the Patent Roll for 9 Henry III. For 'Depe' = Dieppe, see the index to the calendar.[2] Italics as in printed source. The translation uses mostly English forms of the names. Perhaps the French Henri, Guillaume, Jean etc. would be more appropriate.




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