Woodbury festivals

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Locality Woodbury
Vicinity 11 km SE of Exeter
Coordinate 50.677231, -3.398892
Adm. div. Devon
Began 1540/41
Ended 1581/82
Events Robin Hood and Little John, wardens; coat for Little John; Willyam Downam, being Robin Hood, and Water Holwill, being Little John, made ale and gathering (twice); Robert Hood's house (Robin Hood's house) made from canvas; two green coats made.

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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-27. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.



And thereof payde ffor Robert Hode & lytyll lohn
Cott viij s & ffor ther Wardyns Labor as the Custom
ys                                  ij s[1]

Item that Willyam Downam beynge Robyn Hoode &
Water Holwill lytle lohn made an ale & gatheringe &       xl s
brought yn redie monye                          ij[2]

Item p for xxvty yeardes of canvas after x pens the yeard xx s x d
Item p to androw peyrs for maken of Roberte
Hoodes Howse                              xvj d[3]

Item receaued of William Dounom & Water Holwill the
monye that they made with ale when he was
Roberte Hood &c                            xl s[4]


Item Receued of william Ryder for Towe grenne Cottes        viij s[5]

Source notes

All items from St Switbin's Churchwardens' Accounts. 1540/41: accounts rendered 8 October; ale wardens' account.
1573/74: ale wardens' account.
1574/75: under heading "Payments". Both items: "p" = 'payd'; abbreviation mark missing
1576/77: under heading "Receipts".
1581/82: under heading "Receipts.

IRHB comments

The Woodbury accounts for this period also include payments for gear and costume for a fool.[6] There were church ales in the period 1541-1606.[7]

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