Wither, George 1666a

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Wither, George. Three private meditations, which being, for the most part, of publick concernment, are therefore published, by their author, Geo. Wither. The first, is, a private thanksgiving, consisting of three hymns, whereby God is magnified for his mercy vouchsafed in the late ingagement between the English and the Dutch, in June 1665. Composed after celebrating the publick thanksgiving commanded by the King. The second, is a sacrifice of praise & prayer, by him offered to Almighty God, for his providential respect, to him, his wife and children, during his imprisonment in the disgraceful goal of Newgate, when left destitute of all ordinary means of subsistance, by being deprived both of his estate and liberty. The third, intituled Nil ultra, is a soliloquium, wherein this author expresses the improbability of an effectual proceeding further, to prevent the sins and plagues increasing, by ought which he can offer to consideration. [London]: [s.n.], Re-printed in the year 1666. 48 pp. 8vo.

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