Taylor, John (1578-1653) 1638a

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Taylor, John. Bull, Beare, and Horse, Cut, Curtaile, and Longtaile. VVith Tales, and Tales of Buls, Clenches, and Flashes. As also here and there a touch of our Beare-Garden-sport; with the second part of the Merry conceits of Wit and Mirth. Together with the Names of all the Bulls and Beares. London, Printed by M. Parsons, for Henry Gosson, and are to be sold at his shop on London Bridge. 1638. Sigs.: A-D⁸ E⁴ (-A1).

No author's name on t.-p., but dedication signed "Iohn Taylor". Entered in the Stationer’s Register on Oct. 25, 1637.

Bibliographical sources

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  • Bodleian Library (two copies)