Taylor, John (1578-1653) 1622a

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Taylor, John. Sir Gregory Nonsence: His Newes from no place. Written on purpose, with much study to no end, plentifully stored with want of wit, learning, Iudgement, Rime and Reason, and may seeme very fitly for the vnderstanding of Nobody. Toyte, Puncton, Ghemorah, Molushque, Kaycapepson. This is the worke of the Authors, without borrowing or stealing from others. By Iohn Taylor. Printed in London, and are to bee sold betweene Charing-Crosse, and Algate. 1700. Colophon, p. [19]: Printed at London by N[icholas].O[kes]. 1622.] Sigs.: A⁸(-A1) B⁸(-B8). 8vo.

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  • British Library
  • Guildhall Library
  • Private Collections
  • Folger Shakespeare (two copies)
  • New York Public Library
  • University of Texas