Robin Hood and the Bishop

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Child 143
Title Robin Hood and the Bishop
Versions 1
Variants 5
Stanzas 24
Date 1663[1]

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-09-03. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-27.


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1661 - Wood, Anthony - Note on Robin Hood ballads

[Note on the back of a slip pasted on f. 319a of Anthony Wood's MS 'Survey of the Antiquities of the City of Oxford' (1661-66):] Robin Hood and Maid Marian; R. H. and the bishop; R. H.'s progress to Notingham; R. H. newly revived; The noble fisherman or R. H.'s preferment; R. H. and the beggar; R. H. and the butcher; R. H.'s chase; R. H. and the shepherd; Renowned R. H.[2]


  1. The date 1663 is that of the first garland (see Child, Francis James, ed.; [Kittredge, G. L.], ed.; [Ireland, Catharine Innes], bibl. The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (Boston and New York; Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, ©1882-98), vol. III, p. 191). I have dated Anthony Wood's note on Robin Hood ballads (see Allusions section) c. 1661–c. 1667. The lower date is reasonably well fixed, the upper less so.
  2. Wood, Anthony; Clark, Andrew, ed. Survey of the Antiquities of the City of Oxford, composed in 1661-6 (Oxford Historical Society, vols. 15, 17, 37) (Oxford, 1889-99), vol. II, p. 111 n. 3.