Robin Hood (Lisson Grove)

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Coordinate 51.524961, -0.170435
Adm. div. Middlesex, now Greater London
Vicinity 24 Capland Street, Lisson Grove, Marylebone
Type Public house
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Defunct
First Record 1869
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Approximate indication of the site of the Robin Hood.
The Robin Hood was probably situated in this area / Google Earth Street View.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-05-21. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-04-22.

The long gone Robin Hood pub at 24 Capland Street, Lisson Grove, is recorded from 1869 to 1895.

The early 25" O.S. maps indicate three pubs in the street. One of them is the Duke of York at 2 Gateforth Street,[1] a street that is roughly the southeastern extension of Capland Street. However, it is not certain which of the two other pubs was the Robin Hood. Beginning from the west, the first was at the intersection of North (now Frampton) and Capland streets. The next was at the southwest corner of the intersection of Princess and Capland Streets. Princess Street is now almost completely lost, but a bit of it may be said to survive north of Capland Street in the short (unnamed?) street between the school grounds and Swanbourne House. In view of the route followed by the census-taker in 1881 – Pricess Street, Capland Street, and then the now lost 'court' of Kelso Place,[2] more or less to be identified with the present, roughly north-south oriented extension of Capland Street – it seems most likely that the second pub on Capland Street was the Robin Hood. In Google Earth, the coordinate of the second 'P.H.' label on the georeferenced O.S. maps points to a location c. 10 meters east of the intersection of Luton and Capland Streets. From what survives from that time of the street layout and buildings, I am inclied to think that the true location is c. 25 meters further to the east, not so far, however, as is implied by London Pubology when it suggests that the part of Capland Street where the pub was situated is 'now Gateforth Street'.[3]





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