Robin Hood (Burslem) (2)

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Coordinate 53.043798, -2.204852
Adm. div. Staffordshire
Vicinity 17 Dale Street, Burslem
Type Public house
Interest Robin Hood name
Status Defunct
First Record 1911
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Dale Street where the Robin Hood was situated.
The Robin Hood was situated in Dale Street / Google Earth Street View.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-11-03. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-03.

A public house named the Robin Hood is recorded on Dale Street, Burslem, in 1911.

The Pub is listed at Pub History with the 1911 census as source.[1] There is now no 17 Dale Street, and the houses on that street all seem to be of more recent date than 1911. The coordinate cited in the info box and indicated in the interactive map is that of a more or less random point on the street. In Hanley, just c. 2 km southeast of Burslem, another Dale Street was rechristened 'Draycott Street' in the early 1950s.[2] IRHB has found no relevant census entries for 17 Dale Street, Burslem or Hanley, at The Genealogist.[3] However, as the 1911 census data for each household was recorded on separate folded slips, it is possible that some could have been lost over time and the holdings at The Genealogist thus be incomplete.





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