Hone, William 1832a

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Hone, William. The Year Book of Daily Recreation and Information, concerning Remarkable Men and Manners, Times and Seasons, Solemnities and Merry-Makings, Antiquities and Novelties: on the Plan of the Every-Day Book and Table Book, or Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, Sports, Pastimes, Ceremonies, Customs, and Events, incident to each of the Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days in Past and Present Times; forming a Complete History of the Year; and a Perpetual Key to the Almanac. By William Hone [...] With One Hundred and Fourteen Engravings. London: Printed for Thomas Tegg; Glasgow: R. Griffin and Co.; Dublin: J. Cumming, 1832. [6] pp., cols. 3-1644, [2.5] pp.


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