Heywood, John 1577a

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Heywood, John 1577a|Heywood, John. Iohn Heywoodes vvoorkes. A dialogue conteyning the number of the effectuall prouerbes in the English tongue, compacte in a matter concerning two maner of mariages. With one hu[n]dreth of epigrammes: and three hundreth of epigrammes vppon three hundreth prouerbes: and a fifth hundred of epigrammes. Whereunto are newly added a sixte hundred of epigrammes by the saide Iohn Heywoode. Anno Domini. 1576. Imprinted at London: In Fleetestreate neare to S. Dunstanes Churche by Thomas Marsh, [1577]. Sigs.: A-B⁴ C-O⁸ P⁶ (-P6).

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