Grafton, Richard 1568a

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
[Grafton, Richard]. A Chronicle at Large and Meere History of the Affayres of England and Kinges of the same, deduced from the Creation of the VVorlde, unto the First Habitation of this Ilande: and so by Contynuance vnto the First Yere of the Reigne of our Most Deere and Souereigne Lady Queene Elizabeth: collected out of Sundry Authors, whose Names are expressed in the Next Page of this Leafe. Imprinted at London by Henry Denham, dwelling in Paternoster Rowe, for Richarde Tottle and Humffrey Toye, 1568-69. 2 vols. [xii], 193, [5] pp.; [ii], 1369, [43]; pp.

Vol. I pub. 1569, vol. II, 1568.


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