Goad, Thomas 1623a

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[Goad, Thomas]. The dolefvll euen-song, or a true, particvlar and impartiall narration of that fearefull and sudden calamity, which befell the preacher Mr. Drvry a Iesuite, and the greater part of his auditory, by the downefall of the floore at an assembly in the Black-Friers on Sunday the 26. of Octob. last, in the after noone. Together with the rehearsall of Master Drvrie his text, and the diuision thereof, as also an exact catalogue of the names of such as perished by this lamentable accident: and a briefe application thereupon. London: Printed by Iohn Hauiland, for William Barret, and Richard Whitaker, and are to be sold at the signe of the Kings head, 1623. Sigs. A-D⁴ F² H-K⁴. 4⁰.

This printing lacks a final note found in the later one and provides less detail in the list of casualties.


  • Library of the Union Theological Seminary, New York.
  • see ESTC below for further sources.


  • Early English Books Online.[1]

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