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Coordinate 53.930118, -2.265543
Adm. div. West Riding of Yorkshire
Vicinity In the Ribble Valley
Type Settlement
Interest Literary locale
Status Extant
First Record c. 1650
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Location of Gisburn.
Main Street in Gisburn / Humphrey Bolton (2009) via Geograph.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-07-11. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-06.

Gisburn, formerly in the West Riding of Yorkshire, now in Lancashire, is perhaps the most likely candidate for being the hometown of Guy of Gisborne of the ballad Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne (see Evidence below). The place-name is first mentioned, as 'Ghiseburne', in Domesday Book (1086). The name probably means 'Gushing stream', referring to a stream that has its origin in springs above the village.[1] Nearby is Gisburn Forest.[2]


[c. 1650:]
I dwell by dale and downe quoth Guye
And I have done many a curst turne
And he that calles me by my right name
Calles me Guye of good Gysborne[3]





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