Ericsson, John Olof 1987e

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Ericsson, John O.; Werenskiold, Nils. transl. Robin Hood spenner Buen / John O. Ericsson; overs. av Nils Werenskiold. (Robin Hood Bøkene, No. 3). 3. utgave. Oslo: Tiden, 1987. 123, [1] pp. Illus. Illustrator: Svein Solem (1937-). ISBN 82-10-02906-1. 3rd

3rd Norwegian printing of Robin Hood Spänner Bågen (1952) which is in turn an adaptation of the same author's Långbågarna i Inglewood (1928; 1938) with a new chapter.


  • Royal Library, Stockholm: ha87 205
  • Swedish Institute for Children's Books: Ref, reading room only.

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