Ericsson, John Olof 1973a

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Ericsson, John O.; Berliner, Franz, transl. Robin Hood og Langbuerne. På dansk ved Franz Berliner. Tegninger af Uno. S. Stallarholm (Robin Hood Bøgerne, vol. 3). [Copenhagen]: Gyldendal, 1973. 3-146 pp. b/w illus by Uno S. Stallarholm [i.e. Uno Stallarholm-Janson (1894-1974)]. Col. cover illus by Svend Otto S. 20 x 12.5 cm. Boards. ISBN 87-00-76131-1.

Danish translation of Robin Hood Spänner Bågen (1952) which is in turn an adaptation of the same author's Långbågarna i Inglewood (1928; 1938) with a new chapter.


  • Royal Library, Stockholm: ha73 126.

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