Colyton festivals

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Locality Colyton
Vicinity 10.5 km SE of Honiton
Coordinate 50.740322, -3.070525
Adm. div. Devon
Began 1571/72
Ended 1571/72
Events One pound of gunpowder spent when Robert Hood (Robin Hood) of Colyton visited Honiton.

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Robin Hood of Colyton visited Honiton, c. 10.5 km to the NW.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-27. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.


payd to master cogynge for one ˄⌜j li. of⌝ powdar when
Robarte hode of collyton came in          xiiii 〈...〉[1]

Source notes

"˂...˃" indicates "lost or illegible letters in the original"; "⌜⌝" indicates "interlineation above the line"; "˄" represents a caret mark in Wasson's source.
1571/72: St Michael's Churchwardens' Accounts, f. 4. Accounting year: 30 November-29 November. Under heading "Charges". Note to bracketed ellipsis: "page torn".

IRHB comments

Mayers, morris dancers, Robin Hoods etc. often visited neighbouring parishes to perform and collect money for the parish chest and/or advertise an upcoming festival in their village. When Robin Hood of Colyton went to Honiton to perform or went there on a quête, it thus seems quite likely that he also performed at home.

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