Chudleigh festivals

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Locality Chudleigh
Vicinity Between Newton Abbot and Exeter
Coordinate 50.606967, -3.601132
Adm. div. Devon
Began 1561
Ended 1561
Events Robin Hood; Little John; collection; ale sold; cloth for 7 coats and the Hood's coat; vice's coat; making 9 coats; cooks; brewers; silk; buttons; shoes.

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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-24. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.


The Count of Robyn Hodde & Litle Iohn in the yere of our Lorde
god .M.ccccc lxj ⌜the xij daye of february⌝ Anno domini 1561



In primis Receiued of theyr Gathering
in the parishe
Item Receiued of the parishe
Item Receiued of William showbrocke
Item Receiued for our alle solde

Sum totall vj li. vj s viij d

In primis paid for the clothe of vij Cottes
Item paid for the Hoddes Cott cloth
Item paid for the vyces cott
Item paid for sylke & bottonse for
the same cottes
Item paid for sylke & whiplasse for
the Hoodes cott
Item paid for making of ix Cottes
Item paid for the Cuckes wages
& the brewsters
Item paid for A pere of showes for the vyce
Item paid for wrytting this Acount

Sum totall iij li. xviij s j d.
And so Remaynethe declare xliiij s vij d

xx s
xl s
vj s viij d
iij li.

xl s
xj s iij d
ij s

vj s iiij d

iij s
x s

iiij s
xvj d
ij d



Item Receiued of Robyn Hoode ⌜Richard pynson⌝    xliiij s vij d [2]

Source notes

"⌜⌝" indicates "interlineation above the line"; "˄" represents a caret mark in Wasson's source.[3] Non-bracketed ellipses as in Wasson (1986).
All entries under the heading "Account of Robin Hood and Little John" (rendered Feb. 12), except the last entry under heading "Accounts of the Four Men: Receipts", rendered Dec. 27.
1562 (1). Wasson (1986), p. 441 (Endnotes): "The medieval difficulty in adding and subtracting pounds, shillings, and pence is exemplified by this account: the wardens have undercast expenses by 1 d and given the remainder as 44 s 7 d instead of the correct 48 s 6 d."
Wasson (1986), p. xxxv: "After 1629, accountings are rendered only by the churchwarden. In the sixteenth century, the main source of income were the usual church ales and the Robin Hood play, which in 1561 contained nine actors, including Robin Hood, Little John, and the inevitable Vice."
Wasson (1986), p. lxii: Church ales were held at Chudleigh during the period 1561-94.

IRHB comments

From 1565 to 1651, a parish kettle ("the church chyttel", "parish chettle", "parish chetell or furnace") figures occasionally in the Chudleigh churchwardens' accounts as do charges for malt and hops for brewing ale as well as amounts received for ale sold.[4] In addition to the Robin Hood entertainment we find mention of a summer pole (1588 and 1590); a "younge mens ale" figures in 1594[5]

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