Berkshire festivals

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Adm. div.
Full name Berkshire
Abbreviation Berks
Coordinate 51.453633, -1.182275
Area (1891) 1870.55416 km2[1]
Population (1891) 176109[2]
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Localities in Berkshire with Robin Hood-related festivals. Click cluster marker for locality markers. Click locality marker for link to page. Historical county boundary coordinates provided by the Historic Counties Trust.


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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-10-16. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-28.


County description

The Historic Counties Trust describes Berkshire as follows:

Berkshire's northern border runs for more than 100 miles along the south bank of the Thames. It stretches from Windsor in the east up to the borders of Gloucestershire in the west. The River Thames provides, apart from the northern border, fertile farmland. In western Berkshire rise the Berkshire Downs, rising to about 1,000 feet. From them is much beautiful and wooded river scenery down to Reading. The prehistoric Ridgeway runs along the Berkshire Downs, above the pleasant Vale of White Horse. There the famous White Horse of Uffington is the major landmark. The main town is Reading, though historically the county town is Abingdon. The Shire Hall in Abingdon is one of the earliest and finest of the seventeenth century public halls. Reading, Bracknell and other Berkshire towns are growing and thriving on the computer industry, becoming known as Silicon Valley. Windsor is the Queen's main residence outside London. This jewel of a town is dominated by Windsor Castle, the largest castle in Britain and indeed the largest inhabited castle in the world.

Main Towns: Abingdon, Didcot, Harwell, Hungerford, Maidenhead, Newbury, Reading, Wantage, Windsor.
Main Rivers: Thames, Kennet, Blackwater, Lamborn, Ock, Lodden.
Highlights: White Horse and Maiden Castle, Uffington; Windsor Castle and Great Park; Warfield St Michael's church.
Highest Point: Walbury Hill shoulder, 292.3 m.
Area: 1869.97 km2.[3]


Localities in Berkshire with evidence of Robin Hood-related festivals.