Allusions 2001-2100 (texts)

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{"pagename":"2001 - Rickman, Phil - The Cure of Souls (1)","Century":21,"Decade":2001,"Year":2001},{"pagename":"2001 - Rickman, Phil - The Cure of Souls (2)","Century":21,"Decade":2001,"Year":2001},

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-04-30. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.

The following 2 allusions are found for the period 2001-2100:

2001 - Rickman, Phil - The Cure of Souls (1)

Allan Henry's sitting room had one wall that was all plate glass, perhaps forty feet long. It had wide green views across to one of the conical, wooded humps known as Robin Hood's Butts. Appropriately, according to legend, the Butts had been dumped there by the Devil, making him Hereford's first sporadic developer.[1]

2001 - Rickman, Phil - The Cure of Souls (2)

'Mr Henry, all I'm concerned about – ' she wished she was the other side of the plate glass; she would run and run, all the way to Robin Hood's Butts ' – is kids dabbling with the dead. That kind of worries me. I can't stop them. All I can do is advise them that they could be messing with something that can't easily be controlled.'[2]