1991 - Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves

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Title Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves
Year 1991
Type Feature
Country USA
Production Warner Bros. Pictures
Episodes 1
Duration 143 min
Colour Col.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-07-24. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.

This 1991 Warner Bros film staring Kevin Costner was the once-in-a-generation Robin Hood film of its time, a classic even if it did not quite reach the level of popularity of the 1922 film starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. or the 1938 film starring Erroll Flynn, but fewer films have done so in the post World War II period, for with so many new films constantly appearing, any one film is less likely to grab the attention of the daily media and keep it for more than a few days or perhaps weeks.


During the Third Crusade, Robin of Locksley escapes from prison in Jerusalem, promising his comrade Peter, who is killed during the escape, to protect his sister Marian. Robin returns to England with Azeem, a Moor whose life he has saved and who has sworn to repay his debt of gratitude. Robin returns to England to find that, in king Richard's absence, the country is ruled by the evil sheriff of Nottingham, his cousin Guy of Gisborne, the witch Mortianna and the bishop of Hereford. On his refusal to join them, the sheriff's men have killed Robin's father and razed his castle. Robin and Azeem join a band of outlaws in Sherwood Forest led by Little John. One of the outlaws, Will Scarlet, later turns out to be Robin's illegitimate half-brother. Robin becomes the outlaws' leader, training them in combat and exhorting them to fight the cruel sheriff. They rob soldiers and others travelling through the forest on the sheriff's business and support the poor with the loot. Their victims include Friar Tuck, who joins the outlaws. His forces supplemented by hired Celtic Warriors the sheriff launches a major assault on the outlaws' quarters and captures a number of them. He prevents Marian from summoning help from France, promising to spare the lives of captured outlaws if she marry him. Robin, Little John and a handful of outlaws that have survived thë sheriff's attack interrupt the wedding and the hanging of several outlaws. Robin kills the sheriff and is attacked by Mortianna who is killed by Azeem. Robin and Marian are married in the forest, the wedding being interrupted by the return of King Richard I, who gives them his blessings and thanks Robin for all he has done.

Cast and crew

All credits from the film unless otherwise indicated in footnotes.


Role Actor
Azeem Morgan Freeman
Bishop of Hereford Harold Innocent
Broth John Dallimore
Bull Daniel Peacock
Celtic chieftain Pat Roach
Celtic warrior Graham Riddell
Courier John Francis
Duncan Walter Sparrow
Executioner Richard Strange
Fanny Soo Drouet
Farmer Jimmy Gardner
Friar Tuck Michael McShane
Gray-bearded baron Douglas Blackwell
Guy of Gisborne Michael Wincott
Hal Howard Lew Lewis
Interrogator Mark Zuber
Kenneth of Cowfall Michael Goldie
King Richard Sean Connery
Kneelock Derek Deadman
Lady in coach Susannah Corbett
Little John Nick Brimble
Lord Locksley Brian Blessed
Marian Dubois Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Morcar David Bowles
Mortianna Geraldine McEwan
Much the Miller's Son Jack Wild
Oarsman Mark Thomason
Old woman Merelina Kendall
Ox Andy Hockley
Peasant in crowd Derek Pykett
Peter Dubois Liam Halligan
Red-headed baron John Hallam
Robin Hood Kevin Costner
Sarah Imogen Bain
Scribe John Tordoff
Sergeant Andrew Lawden
Sheriff George of Nottingham Alan Rickman
Small girl Sarah Alexandra
Soldier Christopher Adamson
Villager Bobby Parr
Will Scarlet Christian Slater
Wulf Daniel Newman


Function Name
Director Kevin Reynolds
Producer Pen Densham
Producer Richard Barton Lewis
Producer John Watson
Co-producer Michael J. Kagan
Executive producer Gary Barber
Executive producer David Nicksay
Executive producer James G. Robinson
Story writer Pen Densham
Screenplay writer Pen Densham
Screenplay writer John Watson
Cinematography Douglas Milsome
Editor Peter Boyle
Casting Noel Davis
Casting Ilene Starger
Casting Jeremy Zimmerman
Art director Fred Carter
Production design John Graysmark
Costume design John Bloomfield
Music Michael Kamen

Technical data and formats

A 155 min. extended version also exists.

International releases

Country Title Release date
Argentina Robin Hood – El Príncipe de los Ladrones 1991-11-28
Australia Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves 1991-06-27
Austria Robin Hood – König der Diebe
Brazil Robin Hood – o Príncipe dos Ladrões
Canada – English Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves 1991-06-14
Canada – French Robin des Bois – Prince des Voleurs 1991-06-14
Czechoslovakia – Slovak Král zbojníkov Robin Hood 1991-11-22
Czechoslovakia – Czech Král zbojníku Robin Hood 1991-11-22
Denmark Robin Hood – den Fredløse 1991-08-23
Finland Robin Hood – Varkaiden Ruhtinas 1991-06-28
France 1991-08-07
Germany Robin Hood – König der Diebe 1991-09-05
Greece Roben ton Dason
Hungary Robin Hood – a Tolvajok Fejedelme 1991-12-20
Italy Robin Hood – Principe dei Ladri
Japan 1991-07-27
Netherlands 1991-08-16
Philippines 1991-07-16
Poland Robin Hood – Ksiaze Zlodziei 1991-09-13
Portugal Robin Hood – Príncipe dos Ladrões 1991-08-15
Slovenia Robin Hood – Princ Tatov
South Korea 1991-06-28
Soviet Union пНАХМ цСД: оПХМЖ бНПНБ
Spain Robin Hood – Príncipe de los Ladrones 1991-06-21
Sweden 1991-06-28
Turkey Robin Hood – Hirsizlar Prensi 1991-09
UK Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves 1991-07-19
USA Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves 1991-06-14
USA (American Film Market) Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves 1991-03