1926 - Bates, Joe - Rambles twix Pendle and Holme (3)

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1926
Author Bates, Joe
Title Rambles twix Pendle and Holme
Mentions Robin Hood's Well (Higham)
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Site of Robin Hood's Well, near Higham.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-02-23. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-17.


 The view down stream takes in Hunter's Oak Farm, Hag Wood, the Stepping Stones, Gawthorpe Hall and Woods and Cornfield Pit, which makes up a charming pastoral composition.
 The green knoll on the right used to be decked with a cluster of eleven trees, and was long known by the abbreviated term of "'Leven Trees."
 This spring of icy-cold water is one of the many Robin Hood's wells.
 Here is the new bridge. Across is the road leading up to Ighten Hill and Padiham Road, and at this historic place ramblers from the Trafalgar Road, Gannow, and Padiham Road districts may join in the ramble. The path along the river side leads direct to Padiham.[1]



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