1925 - Thwaite, J - Poem on rams' names

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date c. 1925
Author Thwaite, J
Title [Untitled poem on names of rams recently sold in Swaledale]
Mentions Little John; Bold Robin Hood

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-05-17. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-17.


The'r up-de-date, an' aw, lass,
They keep weel, oot o' t' rut;
Ther'c [sic] yan call'd "Muker Fashion,"
An' another "Swalehead Nut."
Ther's "Samson" an' ther's "Buff'lo Bill,"
Beeath fit fer onny flock;
Ther's "Moss Rose," "Snowdrop," "Shamrock,"—
He's t' pick o' t' Pry Hoose Stock.
Ther's "Swell," and "Swagger," and "Surprise,"—
The best o' Stooansdil blood;
Ther's "Little John" an' aw, lass,
But neea bowld "Robin Hood."
As Edwin knocked 'em doon, lass,
Yan felt a lile bit stunned
When Steeane Hoose Shearin, "Hero,"
Was seld for Eighty Pund.
T' best o' yowes er queens, lass,
The'r crooned, an' weel they pay;
An' t' teeup' ats' bred l' Swo'dil-Head
Is t'king o' teeups te-day.[1]

Source notes

"Mr. J. Thwaite, of Hawes, has kindly forwarded me some verses he has written on the titles given to some of the rams (known in Yorkshire and parts of Cumberland as "teeups") offered for sale recently in Swaledale. The rhyme is in dialect [...]" Mr Thwaite commented on such fancy names: "The've gi'en the're teeups the grandeest neeames; where can they git 'em fra?"[2]