1912 - Baildon, William Paley - Baildon and the Baildons (2)

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Date 1912
Author Baildon, William Paley
Title Baildon and the Baildons: a History of a Yorkshire Manor and Family
Mentions Robin Hood's House (Baildon Green)
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The probable location of Robin Hood's House, Baildon Green.
Robin Hood's House would be a little to the right and below centre of this photo (click to enlarge) / Google Earth Street View.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-06-21. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-17.


Robin Hood's House. — This very interesting group of stones lies just above the mill at Baildon Green, some way up the slope of the hill. I think it is unquestionably a cromlech, of the type of "Kit's Coty House" in Kent, "Wayland Smith's Cave" in Berkshire, and others. One side of Robin Hood's House, however, is formed of a huge mass of stone, lying apparently just as it fell from the cliff above; the other stones, some of considerable size, have evidently been placed in position by man. The two views of this curious pre-historic relic give a better idea of it than any description; I am not aware if any excavation has ever been made here.[1]

Source notes

The views referred to in the passage are a couple of black and white photos printed on a plate.[2] For these see Robin Hood's House (Baildon Green).




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