1864 - Harrison, Samuel - Complete History of Great Flood at Sheffield

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1864
Author White, WIlliam
Title General Directory of the Town and Borough of Sheffield
Mentions Little John's Grave; Little John; Robin Hood
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Approximate location of Little John's Grave, churchyard of Hathersage Church,

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-08-18. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-17.


We now reach Little Matlock, one of the most romantic and picturesque scenes in the neighbourhood of Sheffield, a place to which, it is said, Robin Hood and Little John used frequently to resort. At the bottom of the valley, near the bed of the river, were the tilts and forges of Messrs. Chapman, and of Mrs. Denton, and also a row of strongly-built and good-looking stone houses inhabited by the Chapmans. The grounds of Little Matlock, and the Rock Inn, lie above, on the precipitous and finely wooded declivity of a steep hill, a scene of beauty unsurpassed in the neighbourhood, and which in summer attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy the sequestered walks, to ramble among the rocks, or to descend into the beautiful valley where the river Loxley ripples and foams along in its rocky and shady bed.[1]



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