1854 - Roby, John - Literary and Poetical Remains (2)

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1854
Author Roby, John
Title The Literary and Poetical Remains of John Roby, Author of "Traditions of Lancashire": with a Sketch of His Life and Character
Mentions Robin Hood's Quoit (Monston Edge)
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Robin Hood's Quoit.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2019-02-14. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-17.


The sky was already growing cold and grey above the ridge opposed to the burning brightness of the western horizon, and Grace Ashton pointed out the beautiful but fleeting hues of the landscape around them. Her companion, however, was engrossed by anotehr subject. Before them was an eminence marking the horizon to the north-west, though not more than a good bow-shot from where [p. 253:] they stood. Between this and their present standing was a little grassy hollow, through which the brooke we have described trickled rather than ran, amidst moss and rushes, rendering the ground swampy and unsafe. On this hill, stood "Robin Hood's coit-stones;" and on the largest, called the "marking-stone," a wild-looking and haggard figure was couched. Her garments, worn and tattered, were of a dingy red; and her cap, or coiffure as it was then called, was of the same colour.[1]

Source notes

IRHB's brackets. Italics as in printed source. The passage occurs in Roby's retelling of 'Mother Red Cap'.




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